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Herefordshire private detectives, Private Investigator Herefordshire, offer you a variety of investigative practical experience. At Private Investigator Herefordshire we know that choosing a private detective can be a daunting experience but we can offer friendly agents that will be with you every step of the way. At Private Investigator Herefordshire our private detectives focus on numerous elements of Investigations and supply only the very best quality of services readily available in the region.

Why Hire Private Investigator Herefordshire?

At Private Investigator Herefordshire our company offers our clientele with all the most current and accurate info accessible, making use of the most detailed pc data base investigation accessible as well as on-web site investigators in every single region inside the land. Private Investigator Herefordshire PI, A Professional Investigator and Consulting Agency, is a Herefordshire private detective Agency and serves all of UK from our private detective office in Herefordshire County, UK. Private Investigator Herefordshire is really a complete-services private investigation agency located in the Herefordshire section of UK, offering expert, private investigations and associated solutions to customers all through UK.

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Private Investigator Herefordshire In Herefordshire Herefordshire

Looking for a dependable private investigation agency, Private Investigator Herefordshire in Herefordshire is the clients number one choice in Herefordshire, UK and beyond. You're in good hands of Private Investigator Herefordshire certified private detectives with diverse field expertise in dealing with personal and public problems of concern effectively.

Private Investigator Herefordshire is known to collect information and facts backed by proof to show or disapprove situations of deceitfully labelled against individual, company in Herefordshire, Herefordshire. Private Investigator Herefordshire private detectives are kept abreast training in the field and use of in the most recent equipment in Herefordshire

Examples Of What Private Investigations Do in Herefordshire

Some Examples Of What Private Investigator Herefordshire Private Investigations In Herefordshire Do?

You've questions, Private Investigator Herefordshire in Herefordshire; Herefordshire has lasting solution solutions to life's difficulties. The advantages linked with Private Investigator Herefordshire service delivery include, supervision, surveillance and follow up on individual concerns in addition to free of charge consultation to clients.

You've concerns including employee verifies, investigations to clear the air, Private Investigator Herefordshire ; Herefordshire is the place to visit today. You've access to Private Investigator Herefordshire certified and professional private detectives in Herefordshire at your service in response to your require. [read more]

Reasons To Trust Our Private Detectives in Herefordshire

Why You Should Trust Private Investigator Herefordshire In Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire has years of expertise in dealing with different client concerns of concern effectively with a good deal of success. Private Investigator Herefordshire qualified private detectives help clients solve difficulties in confidence using industry experience in collecting information and facts and service delivery.

Private Investigator Herefordshire private investigations take legal specifications into consideration to secure guard individual and business enterprise interests and steer situations to satisfying close with evidences. Private Investigator Herefordshire has ready solutions on situations involving legal tussles in secure guarding the clients' rights and delivering top quality services to meet requires. [read more]

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Why You Should Employ Private Investigator Herefordshire In Herefordshire, Herefordshire?

Get Assistance With Accusations Of Infidelity in Herefordshire

You're Accused Of Disloyalty In Marriage Relationship In Leominster, Herefordshire, Let Private Investigator Herefordshire Support You

You're pressed to verify innocence to an envious partner suspicious You're unfaithful on him in Leominster, no matter how many times you explain it. Allow Private Investigator Herefordshire perform a private investigation to clear you from the partner's false accusation of deceitfully and repair confidence in the relationship.

Your partner's suspicious move is proof of his deceitfully yet he has turned it around to blame you for unfaithful in Droitwich. You require facts to counter your partner's allegation of unfaithful and prove the partner is the cheat, which is where Private Investigator Herefordshire comes in to help Droitwich [read more]

Advice And Assistance With Suspicions Of Theft in Herefordshire

Get Guidance From Private Investigator Herefordshire In Handling The Situation In Which Somebody As Stolen From You

Cash is disappearing from your walled in dubious conditions in Droitwich, and you've no way of being aware of for certain. Losing tough earned cash sets you back a few months financially; you could put an end to it and set the record directly by engaging Private Investigator Herefordshire qualified private detectives support

You've no way of being aware of where your housemate in Droitwich home has got plenty of cash around; it is possible not clean cash, other than you've no evidence You're suspicious he could have stolen the cash from houses in Droitwich putting your reputation at risk if the truth comes out, you require Private Investigator Herefordshire to help you , disclose the truth. [read more]

Occurrences That Have Governed Accusations Of Theft In Work in Herefordshire

Occurrences In The Place Of Work That Have Governed The Accusations Of Theft In Ledbury

Missing inventory from the warehouse in Ledbury is recorded on your cash register without the actual goods passing through you hands in exchange for cash. You've no way of being aware of who is accountable for the missing inventory to set the record directly other than consider Private Investigator Herefordshire in Ledbury for help to clear you of malpractice.

Accusing fingers are pointing at you for recurrent cash missing at the place of work in Herefordshire and without evidence; you take the blame for theft. You require proof to clear your reputation, the kind Private Investigator Herefordshire offers to clients in comparable situations with proven facts from information and facts collected during investigation exercise. [read more]

Methods To Find A Missing Person in Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire Employs Numerous Ways To Track Down Missing Persons In Worcester

Your adopted kid has gone missing from Worcester home having shown indicators of unhappiness and delinquency, you need to identify and him down. You don't know where locate him that is where Private Investigator Herefordshire private detectives in Herefordshire are able to aid

You require to trace somebody that owes you cash and has gone missing from Hereford without paying Tough to know how to handle such a situation and it is distressing to lose cash, but not all hope is lost Private Investigator Herefordshire has the knowledge and experience to trace the person. [read more]

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Private Investigator Herefordshire Certain Solutions In Herefordshire Are The Very Best In Herefordshire

Surveillance Services From Private Investigation Companies in Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire Surveillance In Ross-on-Wye

Investigation uncovers concealed facts in contentious circumstances and situations of deceitfully by providing tangible proof to solve situations and create harmony. Private Investigator Herefordshire in Herefordshire has numerous types of investigation techniques on offer to private and there are numerous types of surveillance provided by Private Investigator Herefordshire in Herefordshire for both private and joint clients in any field to take care of conflicts.

Individuals change, your partner of 15 years in Herefordshire has changed so have you and now you believe the partner is having an affair. Get the very best solution from Private Investigator Herefordshire matrimonial surveillance service in Herefordshire in order to have peace of mind and heart today. [read more]

Investigations Tailored For Corporate Clients in Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire Corporate Investigation In Herefordshire, Herefordshire

Theft in the place of work causes friction and slows down production, the impact is comparable whether stealing involves company products of individual employees' cash. Thanks to 24/7 corporate camera surveillance uncovering acts of theft and offer protection in the place of work in Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire background verify is handy in identifying new employees the company have a tendencies to hire to create truthfully and the person's past document. Depend on Private Investigator Herefordshire years of industry experience in employing applicants with good background work record in Herefordshire [read more]

Background Investigations in Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire Herefordshire Background Investigations Exercise

You want to ensure the new partner is genuine and true to her words in Herefordshire to steer clear of regret introducing her to the kids. Private Investigator Herefordshire is your one end solution on concerns of relationships plus a good deal more in Herefordshire

You've genuine concern relating to your ex' s new lover in Ledbury and desire that the person is truthful and dependable to steer clear of regrets in the end. Your ex is now residing with the new lover and your concerned about the kids is a priority Private Investigator Herefordshire can to solve. [read more]

Employee Monitoring Investigations in Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire Employee Monitoring Investigations In Herefordshire, Herefordshire

You desire to monitor and evaluate nanny's communication, handling of the kids when You're away at work in Herefordshire Private Investigator Herefordshire surveillance service offers verifies and balances and help clients solve numerous problems of anxiety from facts and information and facts collected during private investigation in Herefordshire

Getting trustworthy, truthful person to be careful of your kids in Herefordshire is an uphill request without expert support Nanny has to be 100% trustworthy with the kid, the reason you verify out the person's background and prior work experience in the relevant field. [read more]

Testimonials for Private Investigator Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire was introduced to Aluminium Windows Herefordshire (source) by an associate when we were on a lookout for a private detective agency which has the knowledge and can be trusted. The team uncovered the thief from within the company quickly in a very friendly and professional manner. We are highly obliged.

Private Investigator Herefordshire has been there to help us as Sash Windows Herefordshire (find out here) by dealing with the case of the fraud. We suspected someone and in needs to find proof in the business. As the consequence, they help to indicate the guilty one right into the hands of their professional private detectives.

Double Glazing Herefordshire (click here for more info) has consulted Private Investigator Herefordshire for several years to so surveillance on our employee's behaviour. This seasoned and amiable company are very careful and as a result, have been able to provide our people more seminars and details to assist them in executing their task in the most efficient means they can.

uPVC Windows Herefordshire (learn more) is absolutely thankful for every commendable effort your team at Private Investigator Herefordshire has done for us. The case has proven to be complicated however your compassion and brilliant job was remarkable. We obtained the outcome which we have expected as well as the evidence we required. We surely anticipate consulting you very soon.

I was astounded and happy the very first instance I ever utilized a private detective at Replacement Windows Herefordshire (see it here). Private Investigator Herefordshire are the sole individuals whom I have worked with and I know I was more than lucky when I met your expert team. Compassionate, reliable, honest and vigilant, I would definitely refer them to everyone.

I have had the pleasure of working with Private Investigator Herefordshire on more than one occasion with Skip Hire Herefordshire (learn more here). The outcome has always been amazing beyond measures with ultimate reliability and confidentiality. I'll be more than happy to suggest their services to all friends and family because it's cost efficient.

We have got the excellent service from Private Investigator Herefordshire. They work in professional and effective job. I am so happy to receive their work result through advice and help at Alcohol Rehab Herefordshire (click this link). Indeed, they work with discretion, attitude, and work ethics as their capability.

Anyone fearful of engaging with a current or prospective business partner, supplier or employee should contract Private Investigator Herefordshire for assistance. Drug Rehab Herefordshire (go to website) contracted their services some years back and I have since being receiving awesome services from them.

The service that I received from Private Investigator Herefordshire has been absolutely unbelievable. As an assistance private detective agency, Private Investigator in Herefordshire (why not find out more), time after time relies upon the abetment of other investigators. Acknowledging their utmost professional and expert help since years, we have worked alongside this brilliant company innumerable time.

How Can A Private Detective Herefordshire Based Help You?

At Private Investigator Herefordshire we have now above 20 or so five-years of experience inside the investigative industry. With over 30 years of experience, our Herefordshire private detectives mix the absolute focus and tenacity of veteran detectives with the speed and accuracy of the industry's most up to date practices and technologies. At Private Investigator Herefordshire our commitment and goal is to handle all investigations according to your needs and the needs of your client.

How to Hire Private Detectives Herefordshire

Private Investigator Herefordshire possesses an excellent persistence for the client's is and needs the durability powering the company's good reputation for acquiring final results. Private Investigator Herefordshire will always handle your case professionally, ethically and tenaciously. All our private detectives are experienced, licensed and insured. Private Investigator Herefordshire continues to be constructed on the basis of integrity, professionalism and reliability.

John has conducted literally thousands of investigations for Herefordshire area corporate, legal, insurance and private sector clients, as a Herefordshire investigator with over 30 years experience. At Private Investigator Herefordshire our experienced staff consists of highly experienced former police officers. If we can effectively assist you in achieving your goals, at Private Investigator Herefordshire we promise to give you a fair estimate and we will determine in advance.

How Much Is A Private Investigator Average Salary In Herefordshire?

You will have interested in the average salary that can be earned if you are looking into becoming a private investigator in Herefordshire. Considering your background, knowledge of the law and private detective skills, salaries differ.

Starting salary scale as trainee private detective at Private Investigator Herefordshire in Ledbury is low at £16,000 per annum. A bigger salary of £25,000 may be demanded by comparably skilled private investigators, and the top annual salaries in the business are within the estimation of around £50,000 to £100,00, and to earn this you will be obliged to receive in depth schooling, understanding of the law, and skill. Get more information by calling 01432 240016 or contact us by email

Private Investigation Courses In Herefordshire

One way to become a private detective is to undergo a training course regarding being a private investigator, particularly if you lack experience in jobs concerning investigation. Individuals undertaking City and Guilds investigative training qualifications always interest Private Investigator Herefordshire based in Worcester.

Private investigation courses for education can be conducted through online learning or within your regional school. Speak to us through 01432 240016 or send us an email on for assistance on the excellent available courses on investigation in the market.

It is clear for Private Investigation License Private Investigator Herefordshire which is based in Hereford that the Government have put into effect the licence requirement for the field of private security through the Security Industry Authority of SIA, and Door Supervisors, manned guards, and Close Protection Officers are included. To provide support to SIA to make sure that the goals of those in private security industry areas and those in a business of Private Investigator area are to provide services of high quality to their clients, and to be a positive example of a good practice and keep to evolve to be able to continue with effective regulation a license for Private investigators will be a UK Government priority.

Every private investigator must be allowed to work in the country and must succeed at the "Test of Competency" and the "Fit and Proper Person" exam so that they are eligible for the SIA licence; they will also need to pay £220.00 for a three-year licence. The competence needed to complete an investigation that has already been shown by the private detective through interviews, conducting investigations, surveillance techniques, searching and recording of information and knowledge and understanding of the law are what the British Standard for the Provision of Investigative Services recommended.

Are you confused to register Private Investigator License ? Or do you need any direct information? Reach us on 01432 240016 to get clear explanation or text us by e-mail to Private Investigator Fees and Costs - Private Investigator Herefordshire, based in Droitwich, are frequently asked about prices of contracting a private investigator.

It is hard to give a response to this specific query with lack of information regarding the exact demands of our customer. We need to have all the facts about their particular case so that we can suggest the most appropriate and affordable solution.

For an instance, if the condition of the customer calls for a surveillance investigation, our expert private detectives and investigators will arrange the task in accordance to their necessities. Private investigator costs and fees are defined by hours spent in planning, investigation and writing out of the final report on the assignment for presentation to the client.

The costs will cover travelling to and from the surveillance start point, vehicles used for the task, recording devices, preparation of the report as well as all correspondence with the customer. A default set fee begins at £55.00 per hour but this amount may differ depending on the specifics of the task and other extra expenses.

Please see below for our approved payment methods:

  • - Visa
  • - Cheque
  • - Electronic money transfer
  • - Money in to the Financial institution
  • - PayPal

For a free quote of costs and fees and more information please email us at or call our professional team on 01432 240016.

Cheap Private Investigator In Herefordshire

It may be challenging to locate a cheap private investigator who has good value, however, at Private Investigator Herefordshire that is based in Hereford, you would constantly obtain the finest investigation services. Customers could ask help our cheap private detective services if they give any commensurate information.

We need a clear picture of your situation in order to enable us to give you the best and cheap private detective services. We will make sure to also provide you with excellent and prompt services as well as the most affordable investigator fees when you explain your situation in great detail.

Our company's private investigator fees are always available to our clients, as our motto is to be open about services we provide, so that our clients may precisely know what are they paying and what will we deliver in return. Building a friendly and yet proficient connection with our clients is the happiness of our caring private investigator company.

Our primary goal is to serve your investigation requirements and that is the reason, we make time to know our customers. You will understand that we offer cheap private detective services and we are by no means a quick fix, one solution suits all type of private detectives from the very first time you speak with us at Private Investigator Herefordshire on 01432 240016.

Everyone is different and so are their situations, therefore, our cost varies from case to case. If you want to communicate with us through email feel free to send us a mail to or use our online chat feature.

How To Become A Private Investigator In Herefordshire

Thoughts of developing into a Private investigator may have crossed your mind in the act of searching for a new job or it could be due to the drive of owning your own firm. You've questions; Private Investigator Herefordshire in Leominster has answers to all your questions on investigation training, qualification, licensing and future prospects of private detective career.

For those looking to become a private detective but have no background in the industry private investigator training is still available for them and those who have a police background, HM Customs or even for your local authority have had experience working in HM Forces. You've greater chances of employment in the private investigation industry with Private investigative training.

A high-quality CV that has all your previous achievements written in it, apart from your academic qualifications you also have to include all your previous work experience in it but keep in mind that all the facts must be true as your potential employer has the ability to check up those facts! When it comes to investigative work, a private detective performs a wide range of jobs within the job.

Multiple corporations need an excellent detective from credit report bureaus to banks as well as from insurance firms to non profit organisations. For those with expertise may be lucky since a lot of chances are available for them, you just need to jump into your new career with little cash as payment for the part time private investigation course training Contact us now on 01432 240016 or send us an email on

Private Investigator In Herefordshire To Catch A Cheating Partner

How Do You Know If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Ross-on-Wye located, Private Investigator Herefordshire can investigate and come out with the truth about your suspicion of cheating by your spouse. While you tell us about your situation our infidelity private investigator will talk with you about particular details and perhaps will ask if some of the 6 usual signs of cheating are present in your current situation.

Changes in work hours, taking more overtime, bathing immediately they come back from work, clandestine use of the internet, alterations in personal grooming and dress style, bad phone habits and changes in the level of intimacy are the six habits that signal cheating. Through infidelity surveillance investigations, facts about a cheating spouse will be revealed by our seasoned private investigators.

In order to avoid living in misery, the best way to clear the air about your suspicion of a cheating wife or husband, a private investigator should be hired to investigate the situation. we can deliver you with quick and proficient outcomes through an infidelity investigation to help you overcome this hard times. Call 01432 240016 or email us at cheating and discuss your situation with an expert.

Private Investigator Jobs In Herefordshire

For those aspiring for a career working under the security path in the department of private investigator job will be required to posses characters such as sharp mind, excellent observation tactics, and good problem solvers. The opportunity for Private investigator jobs is broad ranging from divorce investigation to fraud investigation among the most common cases.

A private detective is required to have full of empathy and bold mentality to encourage his/her professionalism of work while solving cases. These are what to concern in private investigator jobs. The position of an Investigator involves interacting with stressed or emotional customers hence requires skills and understanding.

Investigator jobs are quite unique for private investigator because he/she will be working independently. One of companies that deals with it is Private Investigator Herefordshire based in Worcester. Training associated with a private detective job and private investigator work experience is not needed; although, it could be advantageous to have a knowledge in the law enforcement profession or being hired in the security business. Kindly ring 01432 240016 for additional details on private detective and investigator jobs.


Le Bureau de Renseignements Universal pour le commerce et l'Industrie is the first known Private Investigators agency; was established in 1833 by French soldier Eugene Francois Vidocq who was also a culprit and privateer. The law enforcement officers tried many times to close this private investigator agency because it employed ex - criminals to resolve the cases and any other private detective jobs.

In 1842, The police arrested the Vidocq on an occasion after solving a case of robbery for suspicion of illegal imprisonment and taking money on false dissimulation. Vidocq was imprisoned for five years and he was also fined 3,000 francs, however the Court of Appeals freed him later on.

At the time Vidocq was suspicious of the conviction and felt that he had been fixed. Notwithstanding his negative past his characteristics incorporate presenting record keeping, criminology and ballistics into criminal investigations.

He developed a form of anthropometry which is still utilised by the French police force nowadays together with creation of the first plaster cast of a shoe, and he devised ineradicable ink and unaltered bond paper through his own printing company. The private investigator industry was born with the help of Vidocq who set up the private detective company in France.

Many times people believe that police officers didn't want to solve their cases, this is when the first private investigators came to the scene. Private detectives found jobs with companies that were involved in work quarrel and others were employed as gunned security agents.

After retiring from the Metropolitan Police in 1852, Charles Frederick Field, a private investigator in Herefordshire, stepped forward to start an enquiry office. Field was an ally of the writer Charles Dickens who would usually go with police officers on their nightly trips and in 1851 Dickens wrote a short essay "On Duty with Inspector Field" and it is proposed that he founded his "Bleak House" character Inspector Bucket on Field.

Allan Pinkerton established the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850 over the pond in the United States, becoming renowned when he revealed and stopped an assassination attempt on the then President-elect Abraham Lincoln in 1861. Undercover investigations, crime detection and providing armed security agents were some of the services offered by Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

In 1856, Pinkerton hired the first female private detective in America, Kate Warne among many private investigators that formed the workforce of Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Business could get protection by hiring the gunned armed security guards from Pinkerton private detectives during the union unrest that hit the United States during the 19th century.

However, there were numerous states who approved laws that regulated the hiring of security guards from Pinkerton in the middle of the union strikes, because of the events in Homestead in 1892. An "individual hired by the Pinkerton Detective Agency or similar organization" is prohibited from being hired by the federal Anti Pinkerton Act of 1893.

Crooks such as Jesse James, the Reno brothers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were followed by selected Pinkerton agents. The expression "Private Eye" originates from the Pinkerton logo of an eye enhanced with the term "We Never Sleep".


There is no need for a private detective license in the UK to look employment working as a private detective or private investigator in the UK. But, in order to improve how the British Government observe the private investigator business and their services in the UK security field, has solicited the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

Those in charge of training locations have reached out to practicing private investigators on the need to enrol for the private investigators training program to prevent the problems a break in their duties might cause them with the licensing program which is still in the pipes. There are enormous employment opportunities in the private investigator sector, and so also the chances to practice to become a private investigator and private detective courses.

Undercover investigators, criminal investigators and polygraph examiners are amongst the private detective or private investigator roles which need complete training; however, other roles can be undertaken through trainee positions within a private investigator agency and private detective courses will offer short courses to bring you at par , in case you are skilled at law enforcement or HR forces. Private investigators deal with a lot of cases which are unrelated to matrimony which many might find difficult to believe, there are the fraud investigators for corporate bodies and individuals to confirm the accuracy of financial records, insurance investigators assess the legitimacy of an insurance claim, there is also the investigative due diligence often undertaken by corporate bodies to find out more personal details of their employees.

There are jobs which government security outfits wouldn't want to handle; those are some of the many duties private investigators oversee. These jobs include those private detectives that are involved in process serving which is personal delivery of lawful documents, like divorce papers, statutory demands, and court summons.

Many agencies specialize in tracing debtors and tracing missing people who have escaped. Collecting evidence by watching closely an event to then offer it to the court is another job done by private investigators and it is called professional witnesses.

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) or bug sweeping is another area that a specialised private detective will conduct an inquiry into the location of concealed electronic gadgets, get rid and destroy them. This kind of investigative work is handled by those private investigators that have had prior knowledge of intelligence and counterintelligence.

Usually these same private detectives can set up eavesdropping device and gadgets as a weapon in planned crime inquiry. Fraud investigation, loss impediments and inner investigations that are needed because the wrong actions of an employee are part of the cases taken by corporate investigators. The protection of a firm includes information, intellectual property and trade secrets, copyright matters, due diligence inquiries, malware and cyber criminal acts and lastly computer forensics.

Undercover Investigator

A covert investigator, covert detective or covert agent is a man who leads a covert operation into those associated with criminal activity. The covert investigator will regularly penetrate a presumed criminal gathering and mask themselves as a man keen on merchandise or administrations with the objective of picking up information and confirmation of a suspect.

In the process of evidence gathering, gadgets like recorders or body cameras are attached to the clothing of the undercover investigator. Covert operations can take months or even years so it is basic that the genuine character of the covert investigator stays hid as this can be an unsafe employment. Espionage, abuse of a partner or fake sick permission are acts that lead to investigates employees by undercover investigators.

Across The World

A lot of Private Investigators needed to be licensed across the rest of the globe A private investigator may result hurt according to local laws. Several private detectives are former police officers while others are former spies, have worked for the military or are former bodyguards or security guards.

In numerous nations private detectives don't have an indistinguishable specialist from their police constrain and are frequently restricted to the energy of a native's capture. The main duty of a private detective is to keep photographic evidence and detailed notes and be prepared to attest in court what they have seen on their customer's behalf. A detective can be accused and apprehended if they violate the law so private investigator has to be sure that they are updated with the laws and rules that are operational in the location they are working in.

Our Private Investigation Services Cover: Abbey Dore, Acton Beauchamp, Acton Green, Adforton, Adley Moor, Ailscroft, Allensmore, Almeley, Almeley Wootton, Archenfield, Arrow Green, Ashfield, Ashley Moor, Ashperton, Ashton, Aston, Aston Crews, Aston Ingham, Auberrow, Aulden, Aylestone Hill, Aylton, Aymestrey, Bacton, Bagwyllydiart, Bailey Lane End, Ballingham, Ballsgate Common, Baron's Cross, Barrelhill Green, Bartestree, Bartonsham, Baysham, Bearwood, Beavan's Hill, Bellamore, Belmont, Bicton, Biddlestone, Birchall, Bircher, Birley, Birtley, Bishops Frome, Bishopstone, Blackmarstone, Blakemere, Bobblestock, Bodenham, Bodenham Moor, Bolstone, Bosbury, Bradlow, Bradnor Green, Brampton Abbotts, Brampton Bryan, Bredenbury, Bredward, Bredwardine, Breinton Common, Brick End, Bridge Sollers, Bridstow, Brierley, Brilley Mountain, Brimfield, Brimfieldcross, Brinsop, Broad Oak, Brobury, Brockhampton, Brockmanton, Bromsash, Bromyard, Bromyard Downs, Brookfield, Broomy Hill, Buckcastle Hill, Buckton, Bullinghope, Bull's Hill, Burcher, Burghill, Burley Gate, Burmarsh, Burrington, Bush Bank, Bycross, Byford, Byford Common, Byton, Cabal, Callow, Callowside, Calver Hill, Canon Bridge, Canon Frome, Canon Pyon, Carey, Checkley, Chickward, Claytons, Clehonger, Clifford, Clodock, Cobhall Common, Cobnash, Cock Gate, Cockyard, Coddington, Cold Green, Coldharbour, Cole's Tump, College Hill, Collington, Colwall, Colwall Stone, Combe, Combe Moor, Comberton, Common Bach, Coughton, Cradley, Craswall, Credenhill, Crick's Green, Crocker's Ash, Crossway, Crossway, Crow Hill, Crowmoor, Crozen, Crumpton Hill, Cusop, Deerfold, Didley, Dilwyn, Dinedor, Docklow, Dodmarsh, Donnington, Dormington, Dorstone, Dorstone, Downton on the Rock, Dukes, Dulas, Durlow Common, Eardisland, Eardisley, Easthampton, Eastnor, Eastwood, Eaton, Eaton Bishop, Eau Withington, Ebnall, Edvin Loach, Edwyn Ralph, Eign Hill, Elmdale, Elms Green, Elton, Elton's Marsh, Evendine, Even Pits, Evesbatch, Ewyas Harold, Eyton, Falcon, Fawley Chapel, Felton, Fiddler's Green, Flaggoners Green, Ford, Fownhope, Foxley, Foy, Franklands Gate, Fromes Hill, Fromington, Garway, Garway Hill, Gilfach, Glewstone, Goodrich, Goodrich Cross, Gorsley Common, Grafton, Grantsfield, Great Brampton, Green Crize, Greenhill, Green Lane, Grendon Green, Grittlesend, Hagley, Halmond's Frome, Ham Green, Hamnish Clifford, Hampton Bishop, Hardwicke, Harewood End, Hartleton, Hatfield, Haven, Haven, Hawkersland Cross, Headland, Hegdon Hill, Hendre, Hereford, High Lane, Hill-field, Hill Gate, Hillhampton, Hill of Eaton, Hinton, Hoarwithy, Holme Lacy, Holme Marsh, Holmer, Holywell, Hom Green, Hope Mansell, Hope under Dinmore, Horseway Head, How Caple, Howle Hill, Howton, Humber, Hunderton, Huntington, Huntington, Hurstley, Hyde Ash, Isle of Rhea, Ivington, Jug's Green, Kenchester, Kentchurch, Kerne Bridge, Kerry's Gate, Kilpeck, Kimbolton, King's Acre, King's Caple, Kingsland, King's Pyon, King's Thorn, Kingstone, Kingstone, Kingswood, Kington, Kinnersley, Kinton, Kivernoll, Knapton Green, Knill, Kynaston, Lawton, Lea, Lea Line, Ledbury, Ledgemoor, Leinthall Earls, Leinthall Starkes, Leintwardine, Leominster, Letton, Letton, Lewis Wych, Leysters, Limebrook, Lingen, Linley Green, Linton, Litmarsh, Little Birch, Little Brampton, Little Common, Little Cowarne, Little Dewchurch, Little Doward, Little Garway, Little Gorsley, Little Hereford, Little Hill, Little Marcle, Little Merthyr, Little Tarrington, Llancloudy, Llandinabo, Llangarron, Llangrove, Llanrosser, Llanrothal, Llanveynoe, Llanwarne, Logaston, Longtown, Lower Bearwood, Lower Breinton, Lower Broxwood, Lower Buckenhill, Lower Bullingham, Lower Egleton, Lower Green, Lower Grove Common, Lower Hardwick, Lower Harpton, Lower Hergest, Lower Kinsham, Lower Lye, Lower Maes-coed, Lower Town, Lower Welson, Lower Wootton, Loxter, Lucton, Ludstock, Lugwardine, Lulham, Luntley, Luston, Lyde Cross, Lyne Down, Lyonshall, Madley, Mahollam, Mansel Lacy, Mansell Gamage, Marden, Marlas, Marlbrook, Marlow, Marston, Marstow / Llanmartin, Mathon, Maund Bryan, Meadow Green, Meer Common, Merbach, Merrivale, Michaelchurch, Michaelchurch Escley, Middle Maes-coed, Middleton, Middleton on the Hill, Millhalf, Moccas, Monkhide, Monkland, Monnington on Wye, Moorcot, Moorend Cross, Moorfields, Moorhampton, Moor Park, Mordiford, Moreton, Moreton Jeffries, Moreton on Lugg, Mortimer's Cross, Much Birch, Much Cowarne, Much Dewchurch, Much Marcle, Munderfield Row, Munderfield Stocks, Munsley, Munsley Green, Munstone, Nash, Netherton, Netherton, Newlands, New Street, Newton, Newton, Newton, Newton, Newton Farm, Newtown, Newtown, Newtown, Nextend, Nokelane Head, Norbridge, Norton Canon, Norton Wood, Nunnington, Nupton, Nutfield, Ocle Pychard, Old Forge, Old Gore, Ongar Street, Orcop, Orleton, Orleton Common, Panks Bridge, Park Gate, Parkway, Pembridge, Pen-allt, Pencombe, Pencraig, Penguithal, Pen-pwll-sond, Pentre-Jack, Pen-y-Park, Perrystone Hill, Perton, Peterchurch, Peterstow, Phocle Green, Pict's Cross, Pikestye, Pipe and Lyde, Pipe Aston, Pixley, Pontrilas, Pontshill, Pontshill Marsh, Pool Head, Poolpardon, Portfields, Portway, Portway, Portway, Preston Marsh, Preston on Wye, Preston Wynne, Prior's Frome, Priory Wood, Pudleston, Putley, Putley Common, Putley Green, Putson, Red Hill, Rhydspence, Richards Castle, Ridge Hill, Ridgeway Cross, Risbury, Rodd, Rodd Hurst, Ross-on-Wye, Rotherwas, Rowland's Green, Rowlestone, Rudhall, Rushall, Rushock, Ruxton Green, Ryeford, Ryelands, Ryelands, Sallys, Sandyway, Sapey Bridge, Sapey Common, Sarnesfield, Scotland Bank, Sellack, Shawl, Shelwick, Shenmore, Shirl Heath, Shobdon, Shucknall, Snodhill, Sollers Dilwyn, Sollers Hope, Stagbatch, Stanford Bishop, Stansbatch, Stapleton, Staplow, Staunton on Arrow, Staunton on Wye, Steen's Bridge, St Margarets, Stocking, Stockingfield, Stockton, Stoke Cross, Stoke Edith, Stoke Lacy, Stoke Lane, Stoke Prior, Stony Cross, Stony Cross, Storridge, Stowe, St Owen's Cross, Strangford, Streamford, Stretford, Stretford, Stretton Grandison, Stretton Sugwas, St Weonards, Sugwas Pool, Sutton Lakes, Sutton Marsh, Sutton St Michael, Sutton St Nicholas, Swainshill, Symonds Yat West, Tarrington, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafer, The Bage, The Broad, The Forge, The Hundred, The Knapp, The Leys, The Marsh, The Parks, The Vauld, Thornbury, Three Ashes, Three Crosses, Thruxton, Tidnor, Tillington, Tillington Common, Titley, Todding, Trelough, Trereece, Tretire, Trewen, Trolway, Trumpet, Tudorville, Tupsley, Turnastone, Twyford Common, Tyberton, Ullingswick, Uphampton, Upper Breinton, Upper Colwall, Upper Dormington, Upper Egleton, Upper Grove Common, Upper Hardwick, Upper Hergest, Upper Hill, Upper Kinsham, Upper Lyde, Upper Lye, Upper Maes-coed, Upper Marston, Upper Sapey, Upperton, Upper Town, Upper Wellington, Upper Wootton, Upton Bishop, Upton Crews, Urdimarsh, Urishay Common, Veldo, Venn's Green, Vowchurch, Vowchurch Common, Wacton, Walford, Walford, Walker's Green, Waller's Green, Walterstone, Walterstone Common, Wayend Street, Weirend, Wellington, Wellington Heath, Wellington Marsh, Welsh Bicknor, Welshman's Lane, Welsh Newton, Welsh Newton Common, Weobley, Weobley Marsh, Westbrook, Westfield, Westfields, Westhide, West Hill, Westhope, West Lydiatt, Westmoor, Weston, Weston Beggard, West Town, Wetmore, Wharton, Whitbourne, Whitchurch, Whitechurch Maund, White Cross, White Rocks, White Stone, Whitney-on-Wye, Whitton, Whyle, Widemarsh, Wigmore, Willersley, Wilson, Wilton, Winforton, Winnal, Winter's Cross, Withington, Withington Marsh, Wolferlow, Woodbrook, Wood End, Woods Eaves, Woolhope, Woolhope Cockshoot, Woonton, Woonton, Woonton Ash, Wootton, Wormbridge, Wormelow Tump, Wormsley, Wyson, Yarkhill, Yarpole, Yarsop, Yatton, Yazor.

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